Free patterns by Alexandra Tavel

Meet Alexandra Tavel, the creative mind behind Two of Wands, a knitwear company that redefines the art of knitting with a modern twist. Alexandra’s passion for creation has been a lifelong journey, from knitting, crocheting, sewing, and painting to cooking and even building forts. Her artist mother always ensured she had an abundance of supplies and inspiration.

After eight years of working in an office with her creative talents tucked away, Alexandra embarked on a new path to follow her passion for crafting and beauty. For her, there’s nothing more fulfilling than creating beautiful things for others, and now she does it every day.

The name “Two of Wands” holds a special place in Alexandra’s heart. It’s her favorite tarot card, symbolizing future planning, progress, decisions, and discovery. This card embodies her journey of leaving the confines of a traditional job to pursue her dreams, embracing the energy, spirituality, inspiration, creativity, and ambition represented by the suit of wands.

Inspired by nature, history, culture, trends, and functionality, Alexandra’s designs exude love and positive energy. Two of Wands offers sophisticated knitwear and crochet products, blending simple stitches and techniques with contemporary style.

Through patterns and finished items, Alexandra encourages others to embrace the magic and mindfulness of hand knitting and crocheting. Her creations, whether garments or accessories, are a testament to the therapeutic benefits of handcrafting.

In just two years, Two of Wands has become a sought-after name worldwide, featured in esteemed publications and collaborated with renowned brands. Her YouTube channel, with a thriving 10k subscribers, is a testament to her expertise. Alexandra’s vision extends to menswear and home accessories, promising an exciting journey ahead. Join Alexandra on her creative adventure and discover the beauty of handmade wear with Two of Wands.

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