Wip Wednesday Cal Lakeside Coatigan - free pattern

a woman wearing a long crochet cardigan made of granny squares
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The Wip Wednesday Cal Lakeside Coatigan crochet pattern by Lee Sartori combines comfort and versatility. It’s an innovative blend of a cardigan, duster, and coat all in one stylish garment. Suitable for sizes XS -5X, this pattern employs Lion Brand Wool Ease Aran yarn and a 6.0 mm hook. Use these materials to craft a piece that’s both fashionable and practical across various seasons.

The design stands out for its creative use of the classic Granny Square, taking it beyond conventional uses. It’s a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills with the Join As You Go method – a technique for connecting granny squares. This approach not only simplifies the construction process but also improves the garment’s aesthetics, offering a seamless and refined look.

The Lakeside Coatigan seamlessly transitions from a comfortable indoor outfit to an elegant outdoor look. Go for this project to create a unique piece that marries the warmth of a coat with the lightness of a cardigan.