Winter Star Wall Hanging - free pattern

Snowflakes hanging from a branch with holly leaves.
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Add a touch of winter magic to your home with the Winter Star Wall Hanging crochet pattern by Veronika Cromwell. Crafted with the delightful King Cole Cottonsoft DK yarn and a 4.0 mm hook, this project offers a super easy crochet snowflake design that will add a charming accent to your walls, doors, or windows.

The Winter Star Wall Hanging comprises 10 crochet snowflakes, creating a beautiful and versatile home decor item suitable not only for Christmas but for the entire winter season. The simplicity of each snowflake, consisting of just four rounds, ensures a quick and enjoyable crafting experience.

Perfect for beginners, this pattern includes a helpful video tutorial, providing step-by-step guidance for creating these lovely snowflakes. Elevate your winter decor with the delicate and timeless beauty of the Winter Star Wall Hanging. Let the cozy atmosphere of the season fill your home with the handmade elegance of these charming crochet snowflakes.