Waffle Stitch Basket - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted basket with fruit inside.
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Elevate your home organization with the Waffle Stitch Basket crochet pattern by Knitting with Chopsticks. You can never have too many storage baskets, and this versatile project allows you to create stylish and functional storage solutions for every room in your house.

Whether it’s holding fruit in the kitchen, toiletries in the nursery, makeup in the bathroom, or toys in the living room, these baskets are a practical addition to your home decor. They help you keep your spaces neat and tidy while adding a touch of handmade charm.

The Waffle Stitch Basket is a beginner-friendly crochet project that uses t-shirt yarn and a wooden base for added stability. In just six rounds, you’ll have a beautiful basket with a lovely waffle stitch texture. Plus, the pattern includes instructions to adjust the size and shape to meet your specific storage needs. With its convenience and good looks, this crochet basket is a must-have for any home. Get creative with your color choices to match your decor and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a functional piece of art.