Vintage Vibes Shawl - free pattern

Gradient purple crochet shawl displayed on a hanger and beside a pair of shoes on a neutral background.
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The Vintage Vibes Shawl is an intermediate crochet pattern designed by The Crochet Fix to be both elegant and practical. It’s quick to work up with a simple 8-row repeat that makes efficient use of yarn. Created with just one graduated color change yarn cake, it turns into a sizeable shawl that is both functional and stylish.

The Vintage Vibes Shawl is designed to be worn all year long. To keep it lightweight for summer evenings or mild spring and fall days, use a cotton or cotton blend yarn. On the other hand, go for acrylic or wool to make it heavier for winter use. This shawl pattern combines fashion with function to be the ideal piece for all-season use. Whether you add it to a summer outfit for a little extra layering or use it as a winter wrap, the Vintage Vibes Shawl is a terrific project to work on!