Valentine Gnome - free pattern

Two pictures of crocheted gnomes.
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The Valentine Gnome crochet pattern by Elena Atisheva offers a delightful and charming way to celebrate the season of love. This adorable gnome, standing at approximately 6 cm in height, is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day decor or a heartfelt gift for someone special.

To bring this sweet amigurumi to life, you’ll need basic crochet skills, including crocheting in spirals, and mastery of basic stitches, increases, and decreases. The pattern guides you through the process, making it achievable for crafters with some experience in amigurumi.

Crafted using Visantia Iris thread yarn and a 0.6 mm crochet hook, this tiny gnome captures the essence of Valentine’s Day with its festive attire and heartwarming appearance. Whether placed on a mantel, used as a decorative accent, or given as a thoughtful gesture, it is sure to spread love and joy.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this lovable gnome and add a touch of handmade charm to your holiday festivities!