Tunisian Tree Motif - free pattern

Crocheted christmas ornaments and cookie cutters.
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The Tunisian Tree Motif crochet pattern by Amy Minard is a charming design that adds a touch of holiday cheer to your crochet projects. Created using Tunisian crochet simple stitch, this tree motif is constructed from the top down, employing short rows to craft the tree’s trunk.

Measuring approximately 5” in height and 4” in width, these motifs can be used in a variety of creative ways to enhance your holiday decorations. Whether you’re looking to make festive appliqués, ornaments, or any other holiday-themed project, these trees can be easily incorporated.

The pattern is for crocheters with a basic knowledge of Tunisian crochet techniques and will suit beginners. Using the recommended 6.5 mm hook and adjusting the number of rows worked, you can modify the size of the motif according to your specific project needs. The Tunisian Tree Motif offers a versatile and enjoyable way to infuse a festive spirit into your crocheting endeavors.