Tooty Stripey Blanket - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted afghan with colorful stripes.
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Indulge in the delightful artistry of the Tooty Stripey Blanket crochet pattern by Tina’s Allsorts, a mesmerizing creation that promises a burst of color, texture, and versatility. Using the recommended James C. Brett Super Soft Baby Double Knit DK yarn, it’s crafted with a 4.5 mm hook, ensuring a cozy and delightful feel.

Measuring approximately 25″ x 30″, this blanket offers a perfect size for babies, but fear not, as its design allows for easy scalability to an adult-sized masterpiece. What sets this pattern apart is the strategic incorporation of bobbles, popcorns, and post stitches on both sides, making it completely reversible and eliminating the concept of a wrong side.

Perfect for intermediate crocheters, the Tooty Stripey Blanket promises not only a visually striking project but also a rewarding experience with its mixed stitches and vibrant stripes. Elevate your crochet repertoire with this charming blanket, adding a touch of handmade warmth and style to your home.