The Retro Throw Pillow - free pattern

Two pictures of knitted flowers on a couch.
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The Retro Throw Pillow crochet pattern by Nina Hagerty will take you on a nostalgic journey to the ’60s. These cushions come shaped like flowers and will succeed as wonderful decorative pieces for your living room featuring a hint of vintage flair. Their fun and super cute look makes them perfect for the kids’ room too. Use super bulky yarn for this pillow crochet project and you will see how quickly the pattern works up.

Crochet it in the round with basic stitches to form the ball and then fill it with some stuffing. After sewing it closed, stitch the remaining tail around the outside and shape the petals. This crochet project will also involve some increasing and decreasing to get that fantastic flower shape for your cushion. The Retro Throw Pillow looks fabulous in bright lively colors like the ones proposed by the author. However, if you feel like it, you can use softer shades.