The Nusa Mesh Net Crochet Sweater v2.0 - free pattern

Two pictures of a woman wearing a knitted sweater.
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The Nusa Mesh Net Crochet Sweater v2.0 by Kiks + Jack Crochet is a versatile and stylish piece that’s perfect for wearing throughout the year. Crafted with Hobbii Carnival yarn in vibrant festive colors, this version is made from premium acrylic, making it suitable for both warm and cooler weather.

This oversized sweater boasts spacious long sleeves with ribbing, offering a trendy and comfortable fit. The wide neckline is not only flattering but also customizable, allowing you to wear it on or off the shoulder according to your preference. Even beginners can tackle this project with ease.

This updated version of the Nusa Mesh Net Crochet Sweater has been transformed into a made-to-measure and size-inclusive pattern, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. The pattern is free and designed with advanced beginners in mind, featuring primarily single crochets and the bead stitch to create a captivating stitch pattern. Craft this chic sweater and stay fashion-forward year-round!