The Campfire Cardigan - free pattern

A woman wearing a crocheted cardigan in the woods.
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The Campfire Cardigan by Jess Coppom makes a super cozy and beginner-friendly crochet piece you can wear all year around. It comes made in worsted yarn that is not overly bulky but is thick enough to give you enough warmth on chilly days. Its openwork texture makes it very breathable which means it will do for summer weather as well. If you are looking for a nice throw-on to wear at the beach or cozy up in around a bonfire, this crochet cardigan will be a perfect choice. It’s also very easy to make, so every beginner should feel free to give it a try.

Start working up the Campfire Cardigan crochet pattern by creating two granny hexagons with basic stitches. These two pieces are subsequently seamed together to form the chest and shoulders of your sweater. You can easily adjust its length by following the author’s instructions. Apply the subtle colorway seen in the pictures or go for your favorite shade selection.