Swirly Cat Coaster - free pattern

A set of crocheted cat coasters in different colors.
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The Swirly Cat crochet pattern by Atty van Norel is a versatile and charming project that allows you to create adorable crochet cats in various sizes and color combinations. It provides flexibility as you can use any type of yarn that matches the recommended hook size.

By using Durable Double yarn and a 4mm hook, you can create a cute cat that measures approximately 12cm in height. However, you have the freedom to experiment with different yarns and hook sizes to achieve the size and texture you desire.

One of the highlights of this pattern is the opportunity to play with colors and create unique and whimsical cats. Whether you want to make a rainbow of colorful felines or stick to a more traditional cat palette, this pattern offers endless possibilities for customization. Once you make them, they will work great as coasters or embellishments for your other projects.

Create a playful collection of these charming cats and let your creativity run wild.