Sunblast Rug - free pattern

A woman wearing sandals and a yellow crocheted rug.
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The Sunblast Rug crochet pattern by DROPS design is a delightful project that will bring warmth and charm to your home. With its sunny and cheerful design, this rug is perfect for brightening up any room.

Crafted using Garnstudio DROPS Paris yarn in aran weight and an 8.0 mm crochet hook, this pattern is both accessible and enjoyable for crocheters of varying skill levels. The thicker yarn and larger hook make for a quick and satisfying project that you can complete in no time.

The Sunblast Rug features a captivating circular motif with a radiant burst of rays extending outward, reminiscent of a beautiful sunburst. This design adds a touch of playfulness and personality to your home decor, making it an eye-catching conversation piece.

This pattern is a fantastic way to add a cozy and inviting element to your living space. Brighten up your home with the Sunblast Rug, and enjoy the creative process of making your very own handmade decor piece!