Sue’s No holes Hexagon Baby Sweater - free pattern

A baby knitted sweater with buttons and a collar.
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Wrap your little one in the warmth and charm of Sue’s No Holes Hexagon Baby Sweater, a delightful crochet pattern by Susan A. Coes. Crafted with the soft and cozy Lion Brand Baby Soft DK yarn and a 3.75 mm hook, it ensures a gentle touch for your precious infant.

The unique construction of this baby sweater adds an interesting and eye-catching element to the design. Susan A. Coes skillfully guides you through the process, creating a hexagon-shaped garment that stands out with its creative construction.

Designed for infants, this one-size-fits-all pattern is perfect for your little bundle of joy. The hexagon shape not only adds a touch of uniqueness but also eliminates the need for buttonholes, making it safe and comfortable for your baby.

Elevate your baby’s wardrobe with Sue’s No Holes Hexagon Baby Sweater, a charming and skillfully crafted garment that showcases both style and functionality. Crochet this adorable sweater for your little one or as a heartfelt gift for a newborn, adding warmth and handmade love to their tiny wardrobe.