Star-Shaped Flower  - free pattern

Crocheted flowers in different colors on a white background, inspired by a lake sunset shawl.
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Looking for a beautiful crochet flower motif you could add to your projects? If so, the beginner-friendly Star-Shaped Flower pattern from Crochetpedia is just what you need. This piece is a real stunner! It makes a wonderful combination of a flower and a five-pointed star. The best part about these crochet appliques is that you can easily customise them and use them all year round. Work it with a white-coloured yarn and you will get a lovely snowflake to decorate your home for Christmas. Or how about making it gold to let it become a gorgeous shining star? A multi-coloured scheme, on the other hand, will turn them into beautiful 5-petalled flowers. This wonderful pattern changes its looks like a chameleon! Just play with colours to adjust it to a given context.

You work the Star-Shaped Flower in the round using basic and tall stitches and a little bit of a picot stitch. Beginners who have already mastered the basics will quickly get to grips with this crochet flower pattern. Would like to give it a try?