Solid Skull Scarf - free pattern

Two pictures of a red and black crocheted scarf.
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With this Solid Skull Scarf crochet clothing accessory designed by Amanda Hyde, you will look stylish throughout the entire Halloween season. The gorgeous ombre effect which combines shades of red and black makes it look spooky and chic. The skull-themed lace texture results in a delicate and lightweight crochet scarf you can use as a part of your Halloween costume or just add to your wardrobe. This piece will make a real treat for anyone who is into emo or goth vibes.

The Solid Skull Scarf crochet pattern is very beginner-friendly. All you need to know is how to do chains, single crochets, and double crochets. You work it by crocheting two identical halves to connect them at the top with loose slip stitches. To increase the length of your shawl just make additional skull sections. Fingering yarn will give you the best results in this project so make sure to apply it. Enjoy an amazing colorway like the one seen in the photo by choosing an ombre cake.