Sleepy Baggy Lovey - free pattern

A crocheted stuffed mouse in pink and green with a lake sunset shawl.
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Check out the wonderful Sleepy Baggy Lovey from Crochetpedia! This crochet amigurumi pattern delights with its cuteness. It’s a perfect lovey project you can make for your kid or give away as a beautiful handmade gift. Crochet it using fingering yarn that adds to its delicate and super soft fabric your kid will love to cuddle at night. You can stick with the pink colour or go for green or blue for a baby boy.

Sleepy Baggy Lovey will do as an easy take for those who already have some experience in crocheting amigurumi pieces. Apart from the basic stitches, this one requires you to use the magic ring technique and a little bit of increase and decrease, so be sure to get familiar with them first. If this lovey is meant for a baby, you can fill the inside of the toy with a rustle filling. Why not give it a try today?