Ruffle Scrunchie - free pattern

Crocheted ruffled hair ties.
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Lose your hair ties all the time? If so, check out this Ruffle Scrunchie crochet pattern by Maria Molodova and whip up a batch of these beauties so that you can keep one always around. This project is a true stash-buster that will help you get rid of all the leftover yarn. Don’t hesitate to give this scrunchie crochet pattern a try because it’s super easy for beginners too. Work basic stitches around the elastic and you will end up with a lovely hair accessory. Tight as regular hair ties but much more beautiful and made by yourself.

For this Ruffle Scrunchie project, make sure to use lightweight yarn and a smaller crochet hook size. The color options are truly endless. You can go for your favorite one or choose a shade that will match your outfit. This crochet hair tie works so fast that you can make a whole set of them to give to family and friends.