Romany Shawl - free pattern

a crochet shawl in neutrals on a mannequin
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The Romany Shawl crochet pattern by Sarah-Jayne Fragola captures both elegance and simplicity, making it an ideal project for beginners. It is accompanied by a comprehensive step-by-step guide and a video tutorial, ensuring a smooth crafting experience. For this shawl, use a 5 mm crochet hook and Hobbii Metallico worsted-weight yarn that features a metallic sheen. It will bring an extra touch of glamour to the finished piece.

The Romany Shawl is a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Picture draping yourself with this beautiful wrap during an evening outing, adding a subtle sparkle to your attire. It’s perfect for a variety of settings, from a romantic night at a restaurant to a serene evening walk.

As you work on the Romany Shawl, you will practice fundamental crochet stitches, including chains, double crochets, and treble crochets. This project is not only accessible for those new to crochet but also rewarding for those looking to hone their skills.