Reindeer Kitchen Towel - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted reindeer towel hanging on a hanger.
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Enhance your kitchen with the charm of the Reindeer Kitchen Towel crochet pattern. Created by Jennifer Renaud, this design uses Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids & Denim yarn, offering durability and versatility. The use of worsted weight yarn provides a delightful texture, making this towel not only functional but also visually appealing.

Work it with three crochet hook sizes, to make every detail seen in the photo of the reindeer towel. The finished dimensions of 9″ wide x 17″ long (excluding the head) ensure that it will fit perfectly in your kitchen space, adding a touch of festive cheer.

Choose a light brown color to capture the essence of a reindeer, bringing the holiday spirit to your kitchen. This pattern allows you to infuse creativity into your kitchen decor, making your space feel warm and inviting during the holiday season. Crochet your own Reindeer Kitchen Towel and enjoy the cozy, festive atmosphere it brings to your home.