Rays of Sunshine Granny Square - free pattern

Two pictures of a brown crocheted square.
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The Rays of Sunshine Granny Square crochet pattern by Knitting with Chopsticks is a delightful and beginner-friendly design that adds a touch of texture and radiance to your crochet projects. With its simple yet modern design, this square combines textured stitches and lightly open sections to create the illusion of alternating rays emanating from the center.

This pattern works up easily, making it accessible for beginners looking to expand their crochet skills. The granny square is crafted using worsted weight yarn, such as Knit Picks Swish, and a 4.0 mm hook, resulting in a 6″ / 15 cm square. However, you can effortlessly adjust the size by adding or removing rounds to suit your project’s needs.

The Rays of Sunshine Granny Square is a versatile addition to your crochet repertoire, allowing you to experiment with different color combinations and incorporate it into various afghan or blanket designs. Brighten up your crochet creations with this cheerful and visually appealing square!