Ragdoll Lion - free pattern

Handmade crocheted lion toy with prominent eyes and a mane displayed on a wooden background.
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The Spin a Yarn Crochet Ragdoll Lion crochet pattern is a cute variation of classic amigurumi. It makes a lovable 2-D plushie that’s great as a fuzzy companion for children.

This pattern is unique because, unlike other amigurumi, each part is crocheted individually in rows and then joined together. This results in a distinct two-dimensional appearance that distinguishes it from other plush toys.

The lion is made with a 3.5mm hook and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn which is both soft to the touch and quite robust, therefore, it can withstand the tight hugs of young kids. While the pattern is relatively straightforward, a significant amount of sewing, attaching, and assembling is required.

With black crochet thread to embroider the mouth, your lion will come to life and be very friendly. The perfect gift for someone who values crocheted items and children who love fuzzy animal toy companions.