Purifying Puritans 12″ Afghan Block - free pattern

Handcrafted red and green crochet granny square with a floral pattern design.
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The Purifying Puritans 12” Afghan Block pattern by Margaret MacInnis presents an intriguing challenge for intermediate crocheters. Work it to create a stunning square with a striking 3D flower at its center. Using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn and a 5.5 mm hook, each square grows into a 12-inch masterpiece, perfect for afghans, blankets, and a variety of other projects.

This pattern stands out not just for its alluring design but also for its comprehensive tutorial, paving the way for crocheters to hone their skills while creating a visually appealing piece. The incorporation of post stitches enhances the texture of the square, elevating the floral motif’s intricacy. As a versatile component of any crafter’s collection, this afghan block pattern opens up a realm of possibilities.

Whether assembled into a large bedspread or used as singular decorative elements, the Purifying Puritans square captivates with its detailed beauty and timeless elegance.