Pineapple Doily #7714 - free pattern

A white doily with a glass on it.
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The Pineapple Doily crochet pattern by The Spool Cotton Company is an exquisite and intricate creation designed for experienced crocheters who enjoy working with fine thread and small hooks. This vintage design results in a doily that measures approximately 10 x 14 inches, making it an ideal choice for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor.

The pattern recommends using thread yarn and a 1.5mm or 1.4mm crochet hook, resulting in a delicate, lacy doily with a stunning design. Pineapple motifs are highly regarded in crochet for their timeless charm and the intricate, detailed texture they add to finished pieces.

Creating this doily will provide an opportunity to hone your crochet skills, working with smaller hooks and fine thread. It combines various stitches and techniques to form the intricate design. Once completed, the Pineapple Doily can be used to adorn tables, shelves, or any other space in need of a touch of vintage-inspired beauty. It’s a delightful project for crochet enthusiasts looking to enhance their home’s ambiance with a touch of classic crochet elegance.