Ombre Basket - free pattern

A handmade crochet bag with a gradient color design ranging from black to white with a yellow top displayed on a white surface.
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The Ombre Basket crochet pattern by Elizabeth Pardue is the perfect solution for homely storage. Using an 8 mm crochet hook it’s a quick project suitable for beginners. You have an option to work it with either four strands of worsted yarn held together or a single strand of jumbo yarn. Whichever method you choose, you will create a large and sturdy basket.

The most striking feature of this project is the ombre effect achieved with the carefully chosen colors in different shades. Meticulously color-matching yarn produces aesthetic results and a modern look. This basket is created with single crochets worked in a continuous spiral eliminating the seam. It is a simple way to learn and perfect basic crochet techniques for novice crocheters.

The Ombre Basket may be used to store anything from yarn and crafts materials to blankets and toys. This handmade piece is great as both a practical item and decoration that adds color and character to any living space.