Nostromo Blanket - free pattern

Two pictures of a Nostromo blanket, a crocheted afghan.
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This remarkable blanket crochet pattern by Gabriella Barriere makes a real treat for those who love colourwork. Anything but boring, that’s what we can call this one! The Nostromo blanket incorporates geometric forms and plays with optical illusions that give it a truly outstanding look. A well-thought-out colour scheme will be the key here, so choose it wisely! If you don’t feel comfortable with mixing colours, feel free to go for the ones suggested by the author.

A double crochet stitching lies at the core of this blanket pattern. However, you will find this project an ideal way to learn more advanced crochet techniques too. The Nostromo blanket pattern consists of granny squares, meaning you can easily adjust its width to your needs. If you want to make a phenomenal crochet blanket with an eye-catching design, this one won’t certainly go unnoticed. What’s more, we are sure your kids will love it as a playmat too!