No Wool Left Behind - free pattern

A colorful crocheted afghan on a table.
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The No Wool Left Behind crochet round blanket pattern by Johanna Lindahl delights with a fabulous color gradient and great stitch definition. Thanks to its circular shape it can make such a versatile addition to any home. Use it as a beautiful throw to drape over your couch, a lovely baby blanket, or a table coaster. It’s very easy to adjust in size so you can easily get the measurements for the desired usage. This project is a stash buster meaning you can use up the yarn left over in your stash. To get that gorgeous color transitioning crochet it with three strands at the same time and keep changing one strand/color at a time.

The No Wool Left Behind crochet pattern is suitable for beginners. You work it in a spiral with half double crochets which ranks among the basic types of stitches. Before getting down make sure to prepare scraps of lightweight yarn in different colors. If you don’t feel comfortable with colorwork, you can use a cake of self-striping yarn of your choice with a stunning ombre design. Don’t forget to finish off this crochet throw with a beautiful picot border for a nice polished look.