Magnolia Lace Shawl - free pattern

Hand-knit pink and white triangular shawl with a delicate lace pattern, displayed flat with an orchid accent.
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Magnolia Lace Shawl is a Crochetpedia’s pattern designed by Kate. This project is a masterpiece that beautifully speaks the language of lacework. The pattern calls for a 2.5 mm crochet hook and light fingering yarn featuring an amazing ombre effect.

This beautiful shawl will suit adventurous beginners and intermediate crocheters. It allows you to practice some special crochet stitches while creating a stylish accessory. The pattern requires post stitches, crab stitches, and lace stitches, which create an overall beautifully sophisticated texture. The light fingering yarn is perfect for such a lightweight design to bring out the full delicacy and drape of the wrap.

Magnolia Lace Shawl is sure to become a wonderful addition to your spring outfits or a wonderful gift for someone special. Its beautiful texture and stunning colorway create an eye-catching design and detail that simply can’t go unnoticed!