Lotus Flower Blanket - free pattern

A rainbow colored crocheted shawl with a ball of yarn next to it.
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The Lotus Flower Blanket crochet project from Hooked by Robin comes in an incredibly colorful and delicate design. The pattern will suit every crocheter who feels comfortable with working lacy stitches. The openwork texture makes it very airy but still warm enough for spring weather. It can be adjusted in size by adding one extra petal per increase round. This allows you to create not only a baby throw but also a regular blanket. To obtain that fabulous color gradient make sure to use an ombre cake yarn. You can follow the rainbow colorway suggested by the author or go for any other shade combination.

Work this circular crochet blanket flat in the round with basic and lacy stitches. If you’d like to get a really nice drape use fingering weight yarn. Don’t forget to adorn your piece with a beautiful shell border for a polished look. The Lotus Flower Blanket will do both as a lovely gift for a baby and a wonderful throw you can drape over the back of the couch.