Little Bear - free pattern

A pair of handmade crochet amigurumi toys, depicting a bear and a cat, cradled in a person's hand.
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Add an extra bit of charm to your collection with this Little Girl Bear by Irina Lebzina. This cute amigurumi includes a bear with an adorable hood that is perfect as a keychain or a small toy. The bear is made with Gazzal Baby Wool yarn and uses a 1.5 mm hook. Its finished size can vary from a height of 3.15 – 3.54 inch (8-9 cm).

The pattern is suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters. It has good, clear instructions to help guide you through the process. As it’s small, it’s also relatively quick to make so you’ll have the satisfaction of a completed project quickly.

The pattern is very customizable – you can make your bear in any colors you’d like and add different embellishments. Whether you’re using this pattern to make an adorable keychain for yourself or a sweet little gift for a loved one, we are sure they will enjoy it!