Lacy Crochet Kerchief - free pattern

A woman wearing a green crocheted headband and a close-up view of the same headband design laid flat on a patterned fabric.
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The Lacy Crochet Kerchief by Kristen TenDyke makes a beautifully crafted head accessory that combines elegance and functionality. The author used worsted-weight yarn but the pattern will suit almost any yarn type. This allows you to customize or use leftover yarn.

The kerchief features thoughtfully designed construction for ease of use. You crochet the headband part in rows, ensuring a snug fit around the head for comfort and stability. The lace detail, which forms the triangular part of the kerchief, begins from the center of the band and is worked outward. This approach enhances the kerchief’s visual appeal.

Ideal for anyone looking to create a stylish accessory, this crochet kerchief is versatile enough for casual and formal occasions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, the Lacy Crochet Kerchief provides a delightful project with a beautiful outcome.