Hamster Amigurumi - free pattern

Three crocheted amigurumi animals are sitting next to each other.
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If you’ve ever dreamed about getting a rodent pet, this crochet Hamster Amigurumi by StringyDingDing is for you. Get ready for a real dose of cuteness because these toys look absolutely adorable. You can go crazy with color options or make it orange or brown for a more traditional look. What’s great about this crochet amigurumi pattern is that it’s easy to handle and will suit familiar beginners. Prepare to work it with basic stitches, a magic ring, and a little bit of increase and decrease. As you can see nothing that would go beyond the skills of a crochet newbie.

This Hamster Amigurumi project will look best when worked with medium-weight yarn. Be also sure to use a 4 mm crochet hook that will ensure comfortable work and proper tension. This piece is very easy to customize too. You can give it a smiley face or add three little straps on the top of the head to make it even more adorable. Don’t forget to crochet a tasty snack for your new pet! Take your pick from a sweet strawberry, juicy melon, or a nutritious seed.