Halloween Skull Garland - free pattern

Crocheted halloween skull garland.
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Spruce up your home for the spookiest part of the year with a set of Halloween Skull Garland crochet appliques from See Love Share. It’s super fun and quick to make and will suit every beginner. You can easily whip up a batch of these and set it around your house or room. Connect them with a string and hang them over your bed, desk, or window. Decorations like this you can also use for your Halloween costume. It’s a nice little spooky detail you can add to your hat, bag, or any other garment.

The Halloween Skull Garland crochet pattern is remarkably easy to tackle. A set of basic stitches will do for making these appliques. You start with the eyes and then work up or down to crochet a whole skull. By using medium weight yarn and a 5.50 crochet hook you will get a piece that measures approximately 4” wide and 6” tall.