Grace Shawl - free pattern

Blue crocheted shawl with an openwork lace pattern displayed against a white background.
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The Grace Shawl crochet pattern by Clare M is suitable for all crocheters, from beginners to pros. It is made using Cascade Yarns in a worsted weight and a 5.5 m crochet hook. The pattern results in a large rectangle, with dimensions spanning approximately 72 x 19.5 inches.

Work this shawl back and forth in rows with no increases or decreases required. As a result, this pattern is super easy to compete. With no complex techniques involved, it’s a perfect project for beginners. However, intermediates will also find the pattern very relaxing.

You can easily adjust the worsted-weight yarn to suit any color preference. This shawl is ideal for the summer to drape over the shoulders on cold nights. This wrap will also make a fantastic present on special occasions. Whether for yourself, someone from the family, or friends, it’s sure to win many hearts!