Flower Power Carpet - free pattern

A pair of shoes placed on a round crocheted doily with a star pattern design.
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The Flower Power Carpet crochet pattern by Magic Carpet Studio stands out as a stylish addition to your home, infusing spaces with handmade charm. Using durable cotton string, this design results in an impressive round rug that stretches 195 cm in diameter.

What makes this pattern truly exceptional is its innovative construction technique. Unlike traditional methods that might leave noticeable seams, the Flower Power Carpet is crafted in a continuous spiral, ensuring a seamless and refined appearance. With a requirement for super bulky yarn and a 9.0 mm hook, this pattern promises to deliver a durable carpet that’s well-suited for daily use.

While cotton string is the recommended material, you are encouraged to personalize your creation with different yarn types and colors, matching your unique tastes and decor preferences. Whether you aim to brighten your living room with vibrant hues or add a snug accent to your bedroom, the Flower Power Carpet makes a fantastic choice!