Flower Hedgehog Toy - free pattern

A hand holding a crocheted hedge with flowers on it.
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This cute Flower Hedgehog Toy crochet amigurumi pattern by Yulia Klyushina will add some joy to your spring season. You must admit that the idea of using flowers for the spines is truly brilliant and makes it look absolutely adorable. If you would like to let this little hedgehog fella into your home, don’t hesitate to give it a try! It’s very easy to make even for beginners.

For this amigurumi crochet pattern, you work the hedgehog body and flower pieces separately. All need to know is a basic set of stitches and a bit of shaping. Once you have the flowers done sew them onto the back of the hedgehog. Sewing pins will help you with the proper placement of each piece. With this project, you are also sure to use up all your scraps of yarn left over in your stash. Put your Flower Hedgehog Toy on your office desk, kitchen table, or windowsill, and bring the spring atmosphere into your home. It will also do as a lovely plaything for your child!