Ferne Sideways Shawl - free pattern

Light blue handmade crochet shawl displayed on a white background.
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The Ferne Sideways Shawl by Clare M is a fun crochet pattern suitable for all levels of crochet expertise. Work it with a worsted weight Cascade Yarn using a 5.5 mm hook. The shawl combines simplicity and sophistication resulting in a stylish accessory ready to enhance every woman’s outfit.

The completed piece is about 17.5 inches by 69 inches long. What makes this pattern unique is that there are no increases or decreases in the stitches. It’s a stunning creation produced with straightforward crochet techniques such as chains and double crochets. Therefore, it’s a perfect project for beginners who would like to add their first handmade shawl to their wardrobe.

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift idea or simply seeking something for yourself go for this beautiful wrap pattern. The rows of openwork stitches and lightweight feel make it a great option for spring or summer. Make your own Ferne Sideways Shawl and enjoy a trendy outfit accessory all season long!