Essie Rainbow Bear Amigurumi - free pattern

A colorful crocheted teddy bear with rainbow-striped clothing, displayed against a white background.
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The Essie Rainbow Bear crochet pattern is a delightful and colorful project designed by Esther Vogelaar. It’s perfect for crafters in search of creating something bright and heartwarming. Created with Scheepjes Cotton bulky yarn, this pattern can be used to make the ideal stuffed animal toy for kids. Its soft body will fit small hands to grip and love.

The pattern calls for a 2.5 mm crochet hook, so can easily work every detail. At a size of 20 cm, the Essie Rainbow Bear is a fun toy for children, a wonderful homemade gift, or a special piece to add to your amigurumi collection. Its colorful scheme is perfect for any room, giving a cheerful touch.

Crafting this teddy bear will give you the joy of making your child’s next treasured toy. Whether offered as a gift or kept as a lucky charm, the Essie Rainbow Bear is sure to win all hearts!