Dreaming of Spring Doily - free pattern

Two crochet doilies on a table next to a cup of tea.
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Get ready for a real crochet masterpiece with the Dreaming of Spring Doily project by Olga Poltava. These crochet doilies will look stunning on your kitchen table! They come in floral motifs and soft pastel colors of pink and green that will simply make spring walk into your home. This doily crochet pattern is suitable for beginners familiarised with basic crochet techniques.

Work it in the round with a 1.5 mm crochet hook perfect perfect for making such delicate pieces. Be also sure to use a thread for making this one. The yarn will be too thick to give you the same results so save it for other crochet projects. A set of these beautiful doilies will do as a lovely handmade gift you can give to your mum on Mother’s Day or to your friend on their birthday. The Dreaming of Spring Doily pattern should definitely appear on your list!