Delicate Pocket Shawl - free pattern

Two pictures of a woman wearing a crocheted poncho.
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This Delicate Pocket Shawl crochet pattern by Kathryn Kurylo is simple and versatile. It will match multiple of your fall outfits. It’s also a perfect clothing accessory to wear on the first days of spring when the air is still cool and crispy. You can style it with anything you want. Pair it with your favorite blouse and jeans or throw it on your shoulders when wearing a dress. This crochet wrap is also super functional with two deep pockets that will keep your fingers warm and cozy. They can also serve as a place to hide your keys, pocketbook, or phone, too!

To work the Delicate Pocket Shawl crochet pattern you will need to use a basic set of stitches and the back loops only. It’s a great project for confident beginners and intermediates alike. The size of this wrap is easy to customize so you are sure to find a perfect fit. The shawl features an adorable tassel fringe you can add for a nice boho look or you can skip it if you prefer to keep things basic and simple.