Daisy Granny Square by Melanie Ham - free pattern

Crochet daisy granny squares.
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The Daisy Granny Square crochet pattern by Melanie Ham offers a delightful design perfect for springtime projects. Created with worsted weight yarn and a 6 mm hook, it is accessible to advanced beginners looking to expand their skills.

Using classic crochet techniques such as the magic loop, single crochet, and double crochet, crocheters can easily create these beautiful granny squares to incorporate into various projects. Whether you’re making blankets, pillows, or even garments, they will add a touch of floral elegance to any creation.

With its simple yet stunning design, this pattern is ideal for crocheters who want to infuse their projects with the freshness and beauty of spring. The versatility of these granny squares allows for endless creative possibilities.

Bring the beauty of spring into your crochet projects with the Daisy Granny Square pattern, and say goodbye to the winter season! The pattern is available on the author’s blog.