Dainty Cross Bookmark - free pattern

Two pictures of a purple crocheted cross with a tassel.
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The Dainty Cross Bookmark crochet pattern by Cylinda D. Mathews is a delicate and meaningful creation, perfect for those who cherish both their faith and the art of crochet. Crafted with fine thread size 10 and a 1.50 mm hook, this project is designed for those who enjoy working with intricate details. The finished bookmark measures 5 ½ inches, making it the ideal size for use in a Bible or any cherished book.

This pattern stands out in the vast array of cross bookmarks available, offering a unique and personal touch to a classic design. The addition of a pretty satin ribbon threaded through the cross transforms it into a beautiful and thoughtful gift. The Dainty Cross Bookmark is not just a bookmark – it’s a symbol of faith and love, making it a deeply special and cherished item for anyone who receives it. This pattern is perfect for those looking to create a heartfelt and handmade gift, or for anyone seeking a small yet significant crochet project.