Chicken Square - free pattern

Crocheted chickens in a basket.
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Crafting a charming chicken from a simple square is a delightful and creative endeavor, and the Chicken Square crochet pattern by Fleur van Eijk makes it super easy and fun. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out, this project is accessible to all skill levels.

To bring this adorable chicken to life, you begin by crocheting a square, and then you add the beak and comb using crochet techniques. The beauty of this pattern is its versatility; you can use any yarn and adjust the size to suit your preferences. If you decide to create a larger chicken, don’t hesitate to customize the beak and comb with additional stitches or rows.

These chicken squares are not only a charming addition to your Easter decor but also a fantastic way to express your creativity. Share your ideas and designs as you experiment with different sizes and yarns to make these crochet chickens uniquely your own. Get ready to enjoy the fun and satisfaction of turning a simple square into a delightful chicken creation!