C2C Bunny Rabbit Blanket - free pattern

A crocheted blanket with a bunny on it.
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The C2C Bunny Rabbit Blanket crochet pattern by Jess Coppom is for anyone looking to add a touch of coziness and charm to their home. Ideal for animal lovers, Easter decorations, or as a heartwarming gift for a baby, this corner-to-corner (C2C) project creates a delightful bunny design that is sure to be a hit. This pattern is crafted using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Aran weight yarn, renowned for its durability and array of color options. The 5.0 mm crochet hook will help you achieve a snug, yet comfortable texture.

Available in two sizes, 36 x 36 inches and 52 x 52 inches, this blanket can be tailored to fit various needs. The color scheme of the plaid pattern is customizable, allowing for personalization and creativity. Alternatively, crocheters can opt for a solid color to simplify the project, making it more beginner-friendly. This C2C Bunny Rabbit Blanket pattern is not only a delightful project to work on but also results in a beautiful and functional piece that will be treasured for years.