Bunny for Doll - free pattern

Two pictures of crocheted dolls, one with a white bunny and the other with a pink bunny.
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Any fans of micro-crocheting out there? If so, be sure to check out the Bunny for Doll pattern by Viktoriya Savintseva. This piece is part of a doll amigurumi project that looks absolutely stunning. The bunny is so tiny this pattern will do for intermediates with a skilled hand. Work it with a set of basic stitches, a little bit of increase and decrease and a magic ring to get that wonderful shape and detailed texture. Because this crochet project is micro-sized, yarn and a standard crochet hook certainly won’t do for making it. Instead, use a super fine thread paired with a 0.60 mm hook. You will see how easy the crocheting of this piece can be.

Originally, the bunny comes designed with a beautiful doll amigurumi but nothing should stop you from using it for any other project. It will do as an adorable key-fob idea you can attach to your set of keys or bag. Or maybe you’ll feel tempted to do the full original piece with the doll? How do you like this idea? We think it sounds really nice! Get started with the Bunny for Doll pattern today!