Bumblebee - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted bee.
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When flowers begin to bloom and colors start popping up everywhere you know that spring has come in full swing. Bring that joyful energy into your house by making this lovely Bumblebee crochet pattern from Hooked by Robin. It will make a fun take for any amigurumi fan who would like to decorate their room with this adorable handmade piece. It will work as a nice gift idea for insect lovers too.

This Bumblebee amigurumi crochet pattern requires basic knowledge of stitches which makes it very beginner-friendly. Make sure that you use a crochet hook in a smaller size to get your stitches tight. To produce that delightful chubby look for your little fella you will need to prepare some bulky yarn in bumblebee colors. Once you crochet the body don’t forget to add two wings in a contrasting white shade. If you have any scraps of pink-colored yarn, use them to make cute cheeks blush for this tiny guy.