Bloque Stitch Blanket - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted afghan with colorful stripes.
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The Bloque Stitch Blanket crochet pattern by Erica Dietz introduces a captivating and unique stitch that creates a dense, textured fabric without any gaps or holes. Crafted with Red Heart Super Saver Stripes yarn and a 6.0mm hook, this project allows you to make a cozy and visually stunning baby-sized blanket.

The bloque stitch is a standout feature of this pattern, offering an engaging and interlocking stitch technique. By working into unworked stitches from previous rows, you achieve a solid, thick fabric that’s perfect for keeping little ones warm and comfortable. This texture pairs beautifully with self-striping yarns, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

While the pattern is written for a baby-sized blanket, it provides clear instructions on how to adjust the size to suit your preferences. To add a polished finishing touch, the pattern includes guidance for a simple single crochet border.

For crocheters looking to learn the bloque stitch or create an eye-catching blanket, the Bloque Stitch Blanket is a must-try project. Additionally, a helpful video tutorial for the stitch is provided, making it accessible to all skill levels!