Astoria Simple Lace Crochet Top - free pattern

a woman wearing a white crochet top
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If you need a comfortable top for the summer that will keep you cool and stylish, check out the Astoria Simple Lace Crochet Top pattern by Kiks + Jack Crochet. This simple garment project uses basic stitches, making it a perfect choice for beginners who are just starting out. The body of the crochet top is worked with alternating rows of cluster stitches and three double crochets together. Even though it may sound complicated to you, these stitches are very easy to perform once you get a grasp of them.

The Astoria Simple Lace Crochet Top features a high neckline for added comfort while the openwork texture makes it very breathable. If you are a fan of minimalistic color schemes, this design is totally for you. It features a white colorway that keeps it modern and a contrasting black shade at the base, neckline, and sleeves for visual interest. Whether you decide to wear it casually or dress it up with a skirt, this piece deserves a place in your closet!