4-Hearts Granny Square - free pattern

Two pictures of crocheted squares with pink and white flowers.
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The 4-Hearts Granny Square crochet pattern by HooksAndYarns is perfect for beginners looking to create something special for Valentine’s Day or any heartfelt occasion. Crafted using worsted weight yarn and a 6 mm hook, the pattern is accessible and easy to follow.

Each square features four adorable hearts intricately worked into the design, adding a touch of love and warmth to any project. Whether incorporated into a blanket, cushion cover, or decorative item, these squares are sure to spread joy and affection.

Ideal for beginners, this pattern provides a fantastic opportunity to hone basic crochet skills while creating something beautiful. With clear instructions and straightforward techniques, crocheters can embark on this project and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting handmade treasures.

Embrace the spirit of love and creativity with the 4-Hearts Granny Square pattern, and infuse your crochet projects with a touch of sweetness and romance!