Eye-catching Afghan Squares

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Afghan squares are the building blocks for throws and blankets. Stunning bedspreads or colorful and soft crochet-a-long projects – squares are cool not only to design, but also to work with. Speaking of design, big hats off to the crochet designers who come up with these absolutely stunning ideas! It’s not easy to plan out a crochet piece, especially when trying to encapsulate a circle inside a square. Out of beautiful imagination, as well as trial and error, marvelous Eye-catching Afghan Squares emerge. They can be colorful or plain, use only basic stitches or a whole myriad of advanced ones, they can be flat and soft or dense and sturdy. When choosing one for your own project, think about the qualities you would like to add to your project. Should it be soft and flowy, or keep its shape? How many colors would you like to introduce, and how much time would you like to save for this project? All of these questions should give you some answers, which will lead you to the afghan square which is perfect for you. Check out the examples below and get inspired! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Eye-catching Afghan Squares

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Savannah Free Crochet Pattern

Savannah Free Crochet Pattern

This stunning afghan block is in fact very easy to make! The choice of colors is crucial, though.

Go to the pattern: Savannah

Right Round Square Free Crochet Pattern

Right Round Square Free Crochet Pattern

Clever use of post stitches creates amazing “rays” coming from the center of this square.

Go to the pattern: Right Round Square

A Little Bit of This Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern

A Little Bit of This Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern

Sunny floral design like this one looks great with tulip border. Make it into a big bedspread and transform your bedroom!

Go to the pattern: A Little Bit of This Afghan Square

Flower Burst 12″ Square Free Crochet Pattern

Flower Burst 12" Square Free Crochet Pattern

Delicate, net-like center of this square is surrounded with structural elements, which create a real showstopper!

Go to the pattern: Flower Burst 12″ Square

Landyn Tahj Free Crochet Pattern

Landyn Tahj Free Crochet Pattern

Square center of this design presents an amazing combination of stitches and colors. It’s truly unique!

Go to the pattern: Landyn Tahj

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  1. Yes I do like the eye-catching squares, they are so colourful and unusual, it makes you want
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